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30 Days Gratitude Challenge Details


30 Days Gratitude Challenge




Why this Challenge?

Gratitude is a feeling of being grateful and thankful to your surroundings, your family and above all the yourself.

Self-love comes naturally if you practice gratitude regularly in your life. However, because of the environment around us we develop self-doubt, are engulfed with limiting beliefs and our mindsets become fixed.

Most of us work really hard but somewhere don’t get any results. The reason is that our mind and hearts need to be decluttered.

Before dreaming big it is important to remove the unnecessary garbage of mind. Only then we have positive energy around us and as a result we actually start working towards our dreams.

What this Challenge will include?

  • 30 activities- One activity and guidance per day will be given to the participants
  • A 15 minutes free personal consultation call for all participants

What will the winners get?

  1. Half hour free personal mentorship Call
  2. Gratitude and Self- Love Workbook
  3. 70% Off on any one of the future courses
  4. One lucky winner will get a chance to work with the Creator of the Challenge

What will be the medium of Instruction?

English, Dzongkha and Hindi

How this will help?

  • Increase your productivity 3x
  • Instill Self-Love and develop Confidence
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs
  • Building Growth Mindset
  • Discovering yourself
  • Appreciating little things
  • Start achieving your goals Immediately
  • Transform from Dreamer to a Doer

How will the content be delivered?

The content will be delivered through WhatsApp Group. There will be text and voice notes to explain the tasks in-depth.

When will the Challenge begin?

March 15, 2022

Join me on a transformation journey where I lend my hand to help you grow in every possible way.

The participants from previous batch started seeing results from 5th Day onwards and they are much content in their lives and most of them have actually started fulfilling the checklist of their dreams.

Name of the Organisers

Navneet Sawhney


Ngawang Jampa


For citizens of Bhutan, the cost of the program is Nu 99.

You can pay here-

Acc # 101073474
Acc holder : Ngawang Jamba
Bank of Bhutan

MBoB- +975 17 32 08 28

Please contact, +975 17 32 08 28