About Me

Hey, this is Navneet!

I mentor women who wish to get back to work.


After I left my job to join my husband because his nature of job and frequent movements, I started questioning everything around me. The most daunting question was why women have to sacrifice their dreams and aspirations.

I hear so many stories of broken dreams, stories of putting yourself always second, stories of lost hopes and stories of a need to get back to working again. Whenever I encounter countless experiences of women it sends a strong message to me do something for them.

Once I began my quest for jobs after joining my husband, after lot of struggle to find work, I started enhancing my skills. Soon, I realized the real power of Internet and understood that there is no dearth of work today.

It is possible today to work from home and at the same time spend quality time with your family. I started working again as a Coding Instructor and soon started learning about Digital Marketing Tools and applying them to my business.

I am an Engineer, Researcher, Teacher and a Digital mentor by Profession. I am someone who believes in multidisciplinary approach to things that is why I did my formal education in the field of Computer Engineering and History.

Two fields that seem quite contrary but do have some parallels and today we have Digital Humanities as a budding field that brings in the best of both the worlds- science and humanities. I believe that learning never stops so rather than following the common approach you can create your own amalgam of different fields. And for sure my knowledge of both Historical research and Engineering has helped me see things from unique perspectives.

I also have experience of Digital Marketing and have done numerous course to broaden my knowledge. Coming to my hobbies I love cooking, reading, decorating spaces, creating art-pieces and above all learning new things. I am a mother and I homeschool my child using a mix of varied learning methods. You can follow this www.navneetsawhney.com/humans-of-homeschool/ to know more.

No matter what formal education you have and may be today you wish to change your field and get a work of your choice sitting at comfort of home, yes it is possible. No knowledge is waste and you never forget what you learnt in your college years and it is never too late to learn something new. I have struggled but today I am elated to see where I am, the best being the work-life balance.

I get messages from numerous women that how I do it and I simply say if I can, anyone can. Talking to these women moves me as I have been where they are now and I know they can do wonders and are much capable, just that they need that boost.

Listening to their struggles and stories, the aim of my life became clear- to help women get back to work and regain that lost confidence.

So if you wish to join work again then this website is the ultimate destination for any knowledge you need for starting again. This space includes articles and videos about work opportunities for women and also content related to Digital Marketing. Though I mention here women but anyone who wishes to learn Digital Marketing and learn more about work opportunities can benefit from this website and the courses I plan to launch in future.

Welcome to my world of endless possibilities where I lend my hand to help you grow in every possible way!