Humans of Homeschool

Welcome to our magical world where learning knows no bounds, a world where mistakes are appreciated, a world where there is no race against anyone or anything, a world that promotes free learning and a world where we are always ready to learn, unlearn and relearn things.

I am Navneet, an engineer, researcher, entrepreneur and digital mentor. I am a mother to a 2.9 years old daughter. Her name is Giyanaa which is both a Sanskrit and Gurmukhi word that means someone who is quite knowledgeable and yearns to learn more and more. It is also another name of Goddess Parvati. Parenthood gets quite overwhelming sometimes but one can’t deny the fact that the best moments of our life are related to our parenthood journey.

One constant question that most parents have is about their child’s learning and education. I started reading and planning activities mainly based on Montessori and Waldorf methods when G was almost three months. Eventually as I explored more, I realized there is no one best method.

Coming to the methods we follow. We actually don’t follow a particular method but best of all the worlds from Classical to Montessori to Waldorf to Charlotte Mason and so on. I feel every method has something really interesting so I am buliding a curriculum based on all major alternative learning methods. From learning classical texts to learning life skills like cooking, cleaning and so on, to creating an imaginary world of faries, dinosaurs, dragons, pixie dust etc using whatever is available around us, our learning style includes all. We use a lot of natural materials explore textures and understand the anatomy of things.

We welcome you all to this new journey where growth mindsets are built, where we analyze and treat every object around us with respect and see patterns in everything. Mistakes are the building blocks and are highly encouraged. This page will also share how other amazing parents are homeschooling their kids, literature about homeschooling and as I say ‘learning beyond the zenith’ so basically anything related to homeschooling. See you all as we unravel this journey together.

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